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After our successful foray into the Championship Show scene I experienced a ten year spell in the Doldrums brought about by the use of a pesticide called Lindane.

This resulted in devastating puppy losses with my prime breeding bitches being ruined for any further breeding. It was a nightmare, but that is another story.

With patience, much expert help, and a degree of trial and error I overcame this trauma and the Picklepegs are once again the healthy and lively little terrors I know them to be. For me it was rather like starting all over again but with the advantage of additional knowledge gained over the previous twenty years.



Sire: Ardenrun “Aggis of Sarmac” Dam: Picklepeg Show Me The Way

Picklepeg Neverending (Tabitha) was the lady behind much of my present stock. She was a quality bitch (shown very little) but whose strength lay in the consistent rearing of successive generations of Picklepegs. She was never happier than when she had a litter!


Night time Kennels

       My dogs are pets first and foremost and are fully house trained.

They live in an environment of breeding. Puppies come and go whilst others I might wish to “run on” for future breeding take their place in the natural hierarchy of things....

In this way they become part of a changing but never ending extended family. Puppies integrate with adults in the most natural way .... very similar to that of a growing family of children.

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As a breeder of West Highland White Terriers for over 40 years and having shown Westie dogs at many Kennel Club meetings you can be assured of a high standard of Westie which not only has an excellent temperament, but is known for its fun-loving character and especially warm nature, ideal as a family pet.

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