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I’m frequently asked about my kennel club affix of Picklepeg and how it came about. In the 60’s the Kennel Club had very strict guidelines regarding nouns and place names that could not be used. I wanted to use BROCK in my affix, as it is part of my surname Brocklehurst. However, each of three applications submitted to the Kennel Club incorporating the word “brock” were refused. I believe the explanation was that “brock” (being the old Celtic word for badger) could possibly be associated with badger baiting, an horrendous sport thankfully banned in this country since 1830. It seemed my only hope was to use a made up word.

I began to think of words that describe this little white terrier breed; rascals for example or scallywag, little devils, imps and pickles. I tried adding my mother’s name of Peggy somewhere. Rascal peg didn’t sound right, nor did Impish peg but “Picklepeg” did, and that is what they are and how the word came about. The word trips off the tongue with ease and fits their character - and the Kennel Club, I am glad to say, accepted the name in 1969


Picklepegs are still being bred today like these little terrors.

two puppies with red ball

Litter brothers Mark and Luke born March 2008 aged 5 1/2 weeks

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