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AFirstLookAtTheWorld.EyesOpen17 days
P.Trumpeter. LitterBrotherTo P.Gaiety Girl 22-11-2001
Punch & Judy 1974
Some Shade At Last

The Whelping room is situated next to the night time kennel and on the other side by a small covered area to which the Westie puppies graduate when about five weeks old. The floor is covered with sawdust on which they quickly learn to spend their pennies, and the whole setup is connected to the house by a baby alarm.

Early play at 5 weeks

Westie puppies need and greatly benefit from early contact with humans. To this end I remain with my dams during their whelpings. This gives the dams a sense of reassurance and I am there to give help if help is needed .... I do the clearing up after each birth which enables mum to tend and stimulate her newborn, and to rest awhile before starting again.

This is when mine have their very first contact with humans .......... and I relish it. With just one finger along their tiny backs I stroke them gently.

Rearing a litter is absolute joy... To begin with one’s role is of nursemaid ensuring adequate warmth, a ready supply of clean bedding (Vetbeds), and good food for mother. At three weeks they start to be weaned building up to four meals a day.

The weeks go by far too quickly. Their time is divided between play, play, and more play until sleep overcomes them and they nod off, just like children....


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As a breeder of West Highland White Terriers for over 40 years and having shown Westie dogs at many Kennel Club meetings you can be assured of a high standard of Westie which not only has an excellent temperament, but is known for its fun-loving character and especially warm nature, ideal as a family pet.

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