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P.White Frost(Mark) 1985

I am not a “show person” as such but I do recognize shows are excellent for learning and observing, as well as benefitting from a judge’s opinion and being a breeders shop window.

I was encouraged by the success at Paignton but not to the point of continuing to show Picklepeg Show-me-How. I felt there was still much work to be done before my idea of the Picklepeg type and style would be recognizable.


Picklepeg White Frost

Winner of Two CC’s & Five Reserves

By 1984 I had some very nice dogs which I thought deserved to go up a level. I entered a dog called Picklepeg White Frost under the late Margaret Webster and she awarded him the Dog Reserve CC. What should I do? Frankly I had neither the time nor the inclination to show him myself at that level but did want him to be seen and to be recognized as a Picklepeg. That is where Roger Wright of Rotella came into the picture. Picklepeg White Frost (Mark) had sired several litters from which I had kept a promising bitch named Picklepeg Sprite (Hannah). Roger picked her out and they both left for Yorkshire.

P.Mistress Kwickly

Picklepeg Sprite

Winner of Four Best Puppy in Breed Awards at Championship Shows

It was whilst under Roger’s capable handling that White Frost and Sprite were joined by two litter sisters Picklepeg Mistress Kwickly and Picklepeg O’Mistress Mine by Justrite Jazzmataz ex Picklepeg Miss Phoebe. Their high point came during the “back to back” shows at Stranraer in 1987 when they all achieved considerable success (see photos and awards). The judges at those shows were the late Mrs Daniel Jenkins from Canada and Ed Keenan. Some time later Ed Keenan was kind enough to write as follows:

“I have been connected with the West Highland breed for well over thirty years and have studied how breeders have changed their breeding to affect style, height, coat etc ... Picklepeg as a breeding kennel was one of these establishments that interested me, especially for their heads and style. In 1987 I had the pleasure of judging some of your stock and was pleased with the hands on approach which that gave me. The bone and substance of your dogs proved to be about the best being handled at that time. Sprite impressed me as being a youngster who would do well both in the show ring and the whelping pen. There is no doubt in my mind that you had hit a high spot in breeding at that time.

Picklepeg Mistress Kwickly

Sire:Justrite Jazzmataz at Allacracker Dam:Picklepeg Miss Phoebe. Under Roger Wright’s guidance she and her sister, Picklepeg O’Mistress Mine brought home a CC and the Reserve CC from the combined Club Show 1987 under Mrs Daniel Jenkins. Seonaid was R.B.I.S.

Mark&Seonaid withRogerWright 1987

Mark and Seonaid with their handler Roger Wright

In any walk of life it must be gratifying to achieve a self-imposed goal, and so it was for me, but for it to be ratified by one’s peers is an added bonus. I would like to thank both Roger Wright and Geoff Corish for their help and expertise in the art of handling.

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