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Serious Breeding Begins

Serious Breeding Begins

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P.Ruairidh Peggotty's Imp

P.Ruaridh Peggotty’s Imp by Famecheck Trojan ex P.Wendy Susan Pastel

From Seonaid’s first litter by P.Ruaridh Peggotty’s Imp I kept a very nice young dog puppy called Picklepeg Showpiece (Hamish), and from her third litter I kept a gorgeous little bitch called Picklepeg Showboat (Hannah) by a dog I had long admired, called Ch Pillerton Peterman. I thought long and hard about a suitable stud for this little gem and I have never regretted my choice of Ch Glengordon Finearte Prince of Peace. The result gave me a handsome young dog, Picklepeg Show-me-How (Hamish II) and his litter sister Tamsin, Picklepeg Show-me-the-Way. They both proved to be invaluable in my breeding programme.

I showed them both at Open level and Hamish(II) caught the eye of several breeders including Ron Armstrong of Justrite fame and Peter Newman the judge. On the strength of this I entered him for the Paignton Championship Show in 1978. Ron Armstrong very kindly showed him for me as I could not get away from home, and to my amazement and joy he picked up the Reserve CC. I could hardly believe it! This was quite a significant step upwards for me.

Below are photographs of Seonaid “my beguiling” little bitch with her son Showpiece, grandson Show-me-How, and her daughter Showboat then aged just six months at her very first Show. They were halcyon days at Home Farm.

P.Showgirl & P.Showboat

P.Showgirl (left) with her daughter P.Showboat, two little characters I will always remember

P.Showpiece & his dam Showgirl of Picklepeg

P.Showpiece (left) and his dam P.Showgirl (Seonaid)

P.Showpiece at 10weeks

P.Showpiece at 10 weeks by       P.Peggotty’s Imp ex Showgirl of Picklepeg


P.Showboat (Hannah) 09.05.1973 Consistent winner at Open level


P.Showpiece (Hamish I) 10.12.1970

P.Showboat(Hannah)aged 4mthsP.Show-me-How at Paignton 1978

P.Showboat (Hannah)  aged 4 months

P.Show-me-How. Handler setting-up the dog for Paignton Championship Show 1978 Reserve CC

P.Show-me-How (Hamish II)18.07.1977, another “fun” dog I will never forget

P.Ruaridh Peggotty’s Imp, P.Showpiece and P.Show-me-How formed my stud team for quite a few years interspersed with some outcross matings to selected bitches in order to keep the lines strong. Later on, other homebred studs included:

P.Mister Mark2-04-1979
P.Mark My Words(Mark)29-12-81
P.Ring Master(Jeremy 10months)

P.Mark My Words 29.12.1981

P.Ringmaster   15.08.1998

P.Mister Mark 02.04.1979

by Ch.Jaimont of Whitebriar ex P.Pic-a-Winner. Many wins at Open Level. Best remembered for litters of quality and super temperament

by Ch.Lasara Loyal Spirit ex P.Swansong.        Jeremy aged  10 months snapped after a “rough n’ tumble” walk in the woods

by Ch.Kilbrannon Kid Kurrie is Justrite ex P.Bright Future. Consistent winner in the early eighties, and a good mover

Conformation in the litters was progressing satisfactorily and by this time I was able to merge the two breeding lines of Wendy and Pippa from Scotland, with Seonaid’s, my “little find”. I found these two lines complemented one another splendidly, and this led on to the mid eighties and show time.

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